Evil Dad!

I read a news item about some guy who threw his five year old little girl over the side of a bridge into a freezing river. The news article mentioned the guy’s name but I don’t want to give him that exposure. The evilness of such actions surely do not come from a heart of love. The little girl died. Her “daddy” as she called him, threw her over a bridge! I hope by the grace of God her mommy will be able to find hope thereby in time living in “scarred joy”.

2 thoughts on “Evil Dad!

  1. I am so in shock that this is occurring in our country almost daily..that a family member kills a young child ..it sickens me. A few days before Christmas, we had in our area a child killed by his 19 year old cousin..the 5 year old had been placed, along with his twin sister and another 4 year old sister into this home by Social Services..the home was a disaster and no children should have been living there. It was condemned after the death of this little boy and the children placed again in another foster home. How sad this is occurring time & time again. There is very little respect for human life..I think allowing the killing of babies before they even take a breath has contributed to this ..It is a disgrace and I am heartbroken..Who cries for these children?


    1. There may be little respect for people by some that’s for sure. Those of us familiar with “scarred joy” desire to come alongside those who may have been disrespected and perhaps needing someone to come alongside them. The little girl’s mother for instance hopefully has people who love her and will continue to being with her to listen to and comfort her.


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