Life goes on and we may wonder why!


Life goes on and sometimes we may wonder how and why. Life can be so hard at times and so devastatingly crushing. I heard some sad news today. A very young boy died around Christmas time. He was born with what some people would call a health challenge. Such sad passings are the kind that cause people to rage against the heavens and scream at God. I don’t know the little fella neither do I know his parents. Do I really have to know them to feel sad for them? I hope they have shoulders to cry on when needed. I pray that if time seems to have stopped for his family they will gain the strength to go on.
Can there be anything more profoundly soul destroying than a child’s death? It is something that probably most of us would run from. Perhaps however we need to consider what we mean to each other. If you are like me you don’t get along with everyone. There may be people you just don’t gravitate to or get along with. We don’t however wish sadness upon them. Perhaps on the other hand,crushing sadness causes us to love deeper and hold each other closer.

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