The Darkness


A Reflection on stories of people who hurt:
It came quietly at least that’s what most people thought. Loved ones, friends even those at work didn’t notice anything right away. It was gradual and it was real. For most it was life as usual and he seemed fine. Deep within however, in that place of private soul pain it was brewing. He thought at one time he might approach at least someone who might understand but fear of stigma caused him to withdraw. The fear took root. He was now in its embrace. It came slowly without fanfare. By the time he saw it he was enveloped in the “darkness.” He felt the numbness and oh how strange that is, that one can “feel” numbness. He wept but silently where only the loneliness could hear. The darkness was able to tone down his screams for God’s mercy but perhaps he thought, even God cannot break through the darkness.
It would be quite some time before he found the will to try and get some help from his torture. The stigma you see is felt deeply by those being crushed by depression. There are those who think the sufferer is looking for attention or is trying to run from the responsibilities of life. They act like Job’s so called friends as noted in the Bible. Their words are but a form of torture. They are useless to the one in pain. There are those who say he must have more “faith” and trust God. Mercifully some find those who truly care, those who know how to love the one gripped by darkness. Often they are aware of their own frailties. They represent hope. The trapped one may slowly, ever so tentatively, come out from the darkness. He joins the company of those mindful of their pain, those who now live a life of “scarred joy”! He walks among the rest of humanity aware that life can go on in spite of the ever present awareness that the “darkness” welcomes him.

My love to those trying to escape the “darkness”.

Please invite your family or friends or others you believe may be able to follow Scarred Joy.

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