Grieving Grandparents

Hello Folks! I belong to a Facebook page called Grieving Grandparents. I have been part of this group for about a year. I enjoy the interaction we have as grandparents acquainted with the “loss” of our grandchildren. Many times the posts written by our group exhibit the rawness of our grief, of our pain, our sadness. Group members use such terms as “born sleeping.”  This refers to those babies born without taking a breath. We will speak of babies who were not born yet they are loved. Some grandparents endured the agony of loving their grandchildren for a brief time and had to bid farewell to them because of a life-ending illness or a horrible accident and even acts of violence against those little precious people. We do not try to “fix” each other. We are “there” for each other as much as we can through cyberspace.

Our “scarred joy” is an experience we live with. We remember our “loss” but also we sense a “joy” in life. We can endure. We carry on in our journey through life aware of our woundedness yet joyful knowing we are not alone.

I hope that in your journey you are not alone. I hope you know people who will not back away from you because you “are not over” your “loss”. I hope to that you know that by visiting “Scarred Joy” you may vent as much as you want. Sometimes it helps us to name our pain, to say what it is that is adding to our not always walking around with a big smile on our faces. If nowhere else, this is a place you can be real with your feelings and thoughts.

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