Scarred Joy Has Been Silent!

I wouldn’t be surprised if those who have read my past posts have pretty well forgotten this Blog. It isn’t that I haven’t been interested in keeping in touch. Life took me in a distracted direction. I allowed myself to ignore my “inner posts,” the thoughts within my mind and think they would go away. Well, they didn’t! Here is some of my thoughts leaking out of my mind and on to this post.

I heard a few months ago of a young couple who were expecting their first baby. Plans were made and dreams were dreamed. Anticipation was mounting as to when the baby would be born, when the couple would welcome their “new arrival.” Something went wrong and the joy of looking forward to becoming parents was dashed. The young mom to be experienced what is commonly known as a “miscarriage”. Dreams turned to nightmares. Joy turned to misery. Tears flowed overwhelmingly. Scarred Joy read the blog posts the young mom began to write. She expressed so much sadness and heart breaking longing.

I would like to continue thoughts about this in a few other posts. Certainly to young woman felt deep pain and the “loss” of her baby. I think it was the dad’s pain that struck my attention and pierced my heart. Many times in such sad life experiences dads may be overlooked. The dad may use so much energy on caring for his wife that he stifles or puts aside his own pain. He may be a victim of cultural views that dictate men don’t cry. What a lot of crap that is! Men and especially a dad grieving his child feel this heartache deeply.

Please follow Scarred Joy as next time “daddy grief” is given attention. Until then please take care of yourself. If you have any comments or even questions so far, please go ahead and respond to this post.