Still My Love, My Darling—2021: Book Feature, “Cancer Is No Laughing Matter (But it Helps).”

Scars of Cancer

The purpose of my Scarred Joy post in February each year is to highlight experiences with cancer. On December 4, 2017, my wife, my darling, received a diagnosis of uterine cancer. This became her second experience with cancer. On January 9, 2018, she had surgery to remove the cancer. She has been in good health since then. Lord willing, we will celebrate our forty-third wedding anniversary in May 2021.

Although she came through the surgery well, there is still the thought of how an illness like cancer leave its emotional scars on one’s life. In a previous post I included the following thoughts:

… Although the cancer that has shown in her body is a non-aggressive type, the initial shock of the news left its scars…Cancer can mess with one’s mind. Even a “non-aggressive” cancer may cause some fear. It can give your emotions a workout. These are the “scars” I am talking about (Things That Matter In the Face of Cancer: Part One, Dec. 13/17).

This Book a Gift

In 2019 a book writer friend of my darling and I, Glynis M. Belec, published a gift to the world. This gift comes as a book entitled, “Cancer No Laughing Matter (But It Helps.)” I approached our copy of the book with a tender heart and thanks to God. I believe it took a measure of courage and love for Glynis to write this book of hope.

The book includes my darling’s experience with cancer as a story of hope in the book. Glynis does a masterful job of showing readers some of her own cancer journey through her writing. The fact she includes stories of other people adds yet another compassionate side to her writing. I hope this feature will encourage people to buy a copy of “Cancer No Laughing Matter, But It Helps.”

Words by Glynis

For the rest of this post, I want to share words about her cancer experience in Glynis’ own words.

I show you how and why I find hope. I talk about the terror in my heart and the wind beneath my wings. I talk about day to day struggles and how I found peace in the storm. I mention the importance of laughter and the reality of the probability of death. I point out those times when I was maybe being neurotic. Psychotic. Or just plain idiotic. I don’t have answers. I have questions, just like you. But I also have life and post cancer I find that I have it abundantly and I know this sounds so weird and unbelievable – cancer folk will get it – but remember that sluggish grey matter I referred to? Well something very cool happened on my way through the cancer jungle.

Cancer is evil and wretched and vile. But I can seriously say, my life was changed for the good because of cancer. (I can’t believe I just said that). But it’s true. God’s in the business of turning evil into good and for that my cancer was not in vain. Besides, I am a bit of a rebel and I refuse to let cancer have the upper hand.

—Belec, Glynis M. Cancer No Laughing Matter (But It Helps), page 5.


Cancer does not destroy hope. My darling and dear friends like Glynis are purveyors of hope. Where cancer attacks with vengeance, hope comes alongside those who suffer and offers calmness. Hope helps people to cling to life through family members who remind the one who suffers we love them. Hope is experienced by people in different ways or even beliefs, but it exists. Along with my darling and Glynis, we find our hope in God through Jesus Christ.

My Kind of Final Thoughts on the Post

Since my darling’s first cancer diagnosis in 1983, I am more cognizant of its devastating effects on people and their families. Cancer is more than a physical illness. This enemy also attacks the mind and heart through emotional affects in its attempt to strip us of hope.

Please, if you suspect something is wrong in your body, see your doctor. Do not keep a health scare to yourself. Instead of allowing cancer to terrify you, let cancer fear you!

If you would like to order, Cancer No Laughing Matter (But It Helps), please see here:

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