Featuring: The Autistic Author and Animator

Scarred Joy is primarily devoted raising awareness and shattering the stigma around Autism.

Scarred Joy is primarily devoted to raising awareness and shattering the stigma around Autism. From time to time the blog will highlight stories of people living with autism. Today’s post includes one of these stories. Scarred Joy is presenting to readers a book entitled, The Autistic Author and Animator and its author, Janet Walmsley.

As family members of people on the autism spectrum, we cannot allow the opinion of anyone place limits on our loved ones. As we read this post you will see what I mean.

 Janet and her daughter, Jenny, are living proof of smashing the prejudiced views of other people. Even medical professionals can miss the mark regarding the potential of those on the spectrum.

Please read the following words from Janet and leave a comment afterwards at the bottom of the post.

My book, “The Autistic Author and Animator”, is about my daughter, Jenny, who was diagnosed with low functioning Autism at the age of 3 and was told she would never talk, never do well in school, never be where her peers are and the list went on. I walked out of that specialist’s office saying, “That’s not going to happen!”

She faced many challenges on the way to reaching her dream of becoming a professional animator and published author. It is a heartfelt story which relays the importance of perseverance, courage, strength within a mother-daughter bond as their journeys intertwine – revealing a mother who was her daughter’s rock right from the beginning and did everything in her power to help her daughter see the light at the end of a dark tunnel.

The Autistic Author and Animator is a striking narrative that illustrates one’s full potential – a testament that autism is no barrier to success and fulfillment. We never looked back, full speed ahead with always taking the positive out of Autism, and yes, there were bumps and trials however we trucked through them and learned from them.

Jenny is an inspiration and role model not only for the Autistic Community but also for the General Public as I have so many say to me, “Wow, if that girl can go through what she did and be where she is today, what is stopping any of us from pushing down our barriers and going after our dreams and goals, we want to do a Jenny!”

Jenny is now 26 and is a professional 2D and 3D Animator and she has a best selling, award winning Fantasy Fiction book, “Dysnomia”, which is the first of a Trilogy and getting quite a following. She just finished her second sequel to it and will be published next year.

What a far cry from what I was told when she was 3 years old, so one must never say never and be your child’s voice, sounding board and rock. Let them go to the peak that they can, as there are different levels, as they deserve a rich fulfilled life and to be a part of our society and workforce, like anyone else.


The greater population can learn a lot from parents like Janet regarding autism. Jenny, also, can teach people the realities of living with autism. Jenny, and other people like her deserve a fair shake at reaching their potential. Anything else is unfair and immoral.

As a grandfather of two grandchildren on the autism spectrum I hope to do my share of raising awareness not only to autism but also to the people on the spectrum. With people like Janet and Jenny involved in this desire a difference in our society will be made.

If you have a story about your or a loved one’s experience on the autism spectrum please feel free to contact Scarred Joy. I would love to feature your story on a post. Please contact me through the blog at https://scarredjoy.ca. You may also contact me through email, at caledomiaspirit@gmail.com.

Please order The Autistic Author and Animator, through

Red Tuque Books at http://redtuquebooks.com/

Amazon Books at www.amazon.ca

or through Janet’s website at http://www.janetwal.wixsite.com/autismconnects.

4 thoughts on “Featuring: The Autistic Author and Animator

  1. Thank you for putting up our book and our story. We want to shed the stigma box that is still around Autism and shine a positive light!! 👍.

    Jenny is a role model and inspiration to everyone that one can live their dreams and obtain their goals!!!

    I write the book for not only the Autistic Community but for the General Public as week, as these individuals are a beautiful people for our society and workforce!!


    1. Hi Janet! I’m in total agreement with you and the message of your book, The Autistic Author and Animator. I empathize with the Autistic community as they live out their lives among an often ignorant greater community. I trust your book will continue to be received well and in time the “stigma box” will no longer be a part of our society.


  2. Dear Janet and Alan, what a gift when we focus on the positives in the midst of pain. The moment I realized someone I love was on the autism spectrum, I checked out a bunch of books from the library on this topic, my favorite one was all about the positives regarding autism. It gave me so much peace. And that’s what this post gave me too. Thank you.
    I’m not free to speak about the specifics of my loved one, but I hope to be able to one day.
    Blessings ~ Wendy Mac


    1. Hi Wendy. Thank you for commenting. With two of our grandchildren being on different ends of the spectrum, we can attest to the positive regarding autism as well. Autism is a fascinating part of life. Those loved ones on the spectrum have a lot to teach us about life, if we are willing to learn. I hope you continue to be amazed at your loved one. 🙂

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